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ZAO «PromServis» was established in 1992 by workers of State Scientific and Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, one of leading scientific facilities of Ministry of Atomic Energy in USSR. Enterprises of Ministry of Atomic Industry have always been a good school for active and self-confident scientists. Many of them possessed not only academic degrees, but also practical experience of implementation of their developments in various fields of nuclear-power engineering. At new economic conditions this experience turned to be highly demanded in other fields of industry also.

Being engaged in their favorite activity, founders of «PromServis» assembled a team of people with same ideas and sequentially developed the enterprise. So, step-by-step they created an up-to-date, innovative Holding that incorporates and coordinates activity of several enterprises in Dimitrovgrad and other regions of Russian Federation. Today we design and produce modern equipment and create new technologies that ensure maximal economical effect for customers in different fields. At the same time we constantly improve our engineering projects in order to provide our partners and customers with devices and service of European quality.


Structure and tasks of the holding

Mission of «PromServis» Holding is to contribute to turning Russia into a modern, effective and developed state, comfortable and safe for life and activity.

Main tasks are:

The Holding includes management company ZAO «PromServis», assets holding company OOO «Basis», manufacturing companies OOO «Promyshleny Servis», OOO «Promservis-U», OOO «Promservis-OD», Trading House OOO «Pramer», production and service exporting company OOO «Promservis-Export», branch offices in Ural, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Otradny (Samara region), several representatives in regions, including Moscow. «PromServis» Holding possesses about 6 000 square meters of offices, production and storage areas, and more than 20 000 square meters of land areas.

More than 200 employers work at enterprises of the Holding, most part of them are specialists with higher education, 8 specialists - with academic degree.

Marketing and sales policy

Enterprises of «PromServis» Holding offer customers various integrated solutions in the field of energy resource saving for housing maintenance and utilities objects, enterprises and towns in whole.

For the sake of delivery time reduction and better cooperation with customers dealer network was created. This network constantly grows and includes 30 enterprises at the moment. For the same aim regional wholesale stores were opened on the basis of enterprises in Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Kazan.

For the convenience of customers «PromServis» simultaneously delivers products of other manufacturers – this allows to order promptly and in one place almost a full set of equipment for implementation of energy saving projects.

The following companies are among the strategic partners of the «PromServis» Holding: OOO «Global-Test» (Sarov), OOO «Company «Karat» (Yekaterinburg), OOO «Termiko», OOO «Santekhkomplect», ZAO «Centrpribor», OAO «Rosneft», OAO «Concern "Rosenergoatom"», OOO «PROSOFT», OOO «SpektrInzhiniring», OOO «RPC Prize» (Moscow), ZAO «RPC "Teplocom"», ZAO «RPC "Logica"» , ZAO «Thermotronic» (Saint-Petersburg), OOO «RPC "Alcor"» (Dzerzhinsk), ZAO «Midaus» (Ulyanovsk), OOO «POINT» (Republic of Belarus).

The Holding takes part in implementation of major regional energy efficiency programs. In this case, customers are offered flexible schedules of shipment and payment, efficient after sale and post-warranty service.

Over the years of the Holding's activity, about 5000 organizations in more than 60 regions of Russia and CIS countries became consumers of devices, produced by «PromService». As a manufacturer of metering devices for heat and water, the Holding confidently takes its place among the top ten enterprises in this field of industry; it is a leading developer of intelligent systems of vibration-based diagnostics, holds a strong market position in industrial automation systems and industrial safety expert examination.

«PromServis» Holding annually participates in many exhibitions, actively promotes the idea of energy saving and diagnostics by making reports at conferences, publishing articles in mass media.

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