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Electronic temperature controllers PRAMER-710 with weather compensation function


Fig.1 Pramer-710


Designation: Temperature controllers "Pramer-710" are intended for considerable energy saving and heating costs reduction. They regulate heating and hot water supply rate according to preset temperature chart taking into account outdoor temperature.

Application: Temperature controller "Pramer-710", integrated into systems of heating supply automated management* together with other devices (temperature sensors, control valve with electric actuator, circulating pump), help to maintain a desired temperature in a room by regulation of heating carrier flow rate, provide comfortable conditions and economical consumption of thermal energy and heating costs reduction in multi-apartment and industrial buildings, private residences and offices.

* for example, dispatching system "SADKO-Heat", produced by JSC "PromServis".


Proper organization of commercial accounting of consumed resources is a key factor of energy saving and costs reduction. When all primary actions are realized (sealing of windows, insulation of walls, roofs, etc.), the next step to real savings is introduction of control units into the heating system - it allows to optimize heat consumption, maintain comfortable temperatures according to schedule by automatic control of heat carrier temperature at the entrance to a building depending on outdoor temperature and indoor temperature in a room. This feature is most important for offices and administrative buildings.

It is possible to set a heat supply schedule for almost any heated object in any climatic zone, taking into consideration non-working days, holidays, working hours, etc.

JSC "PromService" developed temperature controller "Pramer-710" in 2002. Over the years of operation, consumers have made constructive suggestions for improving the device, for example regarding user interface. Taking into account proposals of end-users, rate of implementation of dispatching systems, we developed new improved and modernized version of the thermal controller "Pramer-710-1".

Adjustment of settings and display of data is possible in "Thermostat v1.0.0" service software at any PC, using the ModBus protocol via RS-232 or RS-485 interface.



Fig.2 "Pramer-710" mounted in plastic case



Advantages of "Pramer-710":




"Pramer-710" display at LCD and store in archive the following data:


Data storage intervals can be selected: 30 minutes or 1 hour.

In case of power supply switch off, internal clocks and archive data remain saved during minimum 48 hours.


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature: from -5 to +50 °C;

Relative humidity: up to 80% at temperature +35°C and less, without condensation;

Atmospheric pressure: 84...106,7 kPa.


Technical Characteristics

Number of controlled heating supply, hot water supply, ventilation systems 1
Number of channels for connection of temperature sensors 4
Temperature of controlled media:
  • water in heating systems and hot water supply systems
  • air (outside and indoors)

0 °C ... +150°C

-50°C ... +50°C

Accuracy of controlled media temperature measurement ±0,5%
Deviation of displayed temperature from a calculated value not more than ±1,3° C
Number of control channels for executive devices connection
(AC current load max 4 A, voltage max 250 V, (50±1) Hz)
Number of alarm control channels
(AC current load max 4 A, voltage max 250 V, (50±1) Hz)
Power supply 187...242 V AC, (50± 1) Hz
Mean time between failures not less than 50000 hours
Average life time not less than 10 years
Weight max 1 kg
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