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SADKO monitoring

Modules of the system

Modules of analog input realize analog-digital conversion of output signals from the installed sensors to digital values and provide transmission of a digital code to the control computer. Modules of the discrete input-output execute digital-to-analog conversion of commands from controllers or from control PC and manage executive mechanisms of control devices, sound and light alarm.

Controllers of the system

Controllers of signals on the basis of industrial single board computers provide measurement, storage of signals from sensors, processing and transfer of data to control PC. Controllers also provide output of control signals in case if values of parameters are outside of the defined setting limits, even at lack of communication or failure of control computer.

The system SADKO Monitoring can be equipped with tools and software required for diagnostic in order to get a system with complete set of functions and possibilities.

Reliability of the system

Average lifetime: not less than 10 years.

The system ensures continuous round-the-clock operation during service life.

Hardware components of the system are recovered and replaceable objects.

Systems availability ratio - 0,99 (TU 4252-014-12560879-2008).


"SADKO" system has Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments No. 32383.

Certificate of conformity to implosion protection norms No. ТС RU С-RU.ГБ05.B.00542.

Quality management system of ZAO "PromServis" with regard to design, development, production and service of the instrumental products, systems of diagnostics and automatization is certified in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (certificate K No. 02492).

"SADKO" program has the certificate on software official registration.

Diagnostic means of "SADKO" system are verified by RAO UES of Russia.

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