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SADKO Control

Automated control system "Sadko-ACS" is a complex of hardware and software intended for control of different processes within technological process, production line and whole enterprise. "Sadko-ACS" systems are implemented in different industries, power engineering, transport, etc.

The term "automated", as distinct from the term "automatic" emphasizes saving of some general, purposeful functions for an operator.

Essential features of "Sadko-ACS" are: large flow of information, complex information structure, advanced algorithms of information processing.

The experience in development of diagnostic systems for complex industrial equipment, accumulated by ZAO "PromServis", allowedto develop and successfully implement a broad range of intelligent systems for monitoring, diagnosing and control that are applied in different fields of economy.

In addition to the tested list of detectable failures, the system "Sadko-ACS" gives an opportunity to create customized rules for automatic detection of defects and their severity, as well as a possibility to enter new diagnostic parameters that will be used at your own technology of diagnostics.

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