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On-line monitoring and diagnostic system SADKO

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Tasks of the system

The system ensures efficient, resource-saving and safe operation of dynamic equipment through execution of the following tasks:

  • Control of operation and technical state of equipment, based of assessment of vibration parameters, state of bearing units and technological processes;
  • detection and localization of faults at early stage;
  • prevention of sudden emergencies (failures);
  • reduction of equipment downtime during repair works.

Main functions of "SADKO" system:

  • Measurement and continuous monitoring of signals from vibration sensors and transducers of technological parameters;
  • Periodical automatic diagnostics (every 10 min) and detection of faults, assessment of current state of machines;
  • Visualization of monitored parameters values, diagnostic results and equipment state:

GREEN – admissible state (good, excellent);

YELLOW – taking measures is required;

RED –inadmissible state;

  • Comparison of the current values of controlled parameters with setting limits; output of electrical, light and sound signals to process control system;
  • Generation of reports;
  • Accumulation and archive backup of information for at least 1 year.

SQL-server of the system provides transmission of information to computer network.

ORS-server provides integration with SCADA systems of available automatic process control systems.

Within the system it is possible to create remote workplaces of experts and principals through local network or Internet. Access to control and regulation functions is authorized by system of user accounts.

The system executes self-diagnostics and self-checking of software and hardware, including primary transducers (sensors) and communication lines, with indication of modules with defective channels.

Structure of "SADKO" system

Structure of "SADKO" system

The system has hierarchical structure consisting of several levels:

1 - Sensors of vibration and technological parameters (lower level);

2 - Controllers, modules of analog and discrete input-output (middle level);

3 - Control computer, workstations, hardware for communication (top level).

The system works with standard transducers and sensors with unified output signals. Interchangeable components, produced by various manufacturers can be used.

"SADKO" system has scalable and extensible architecture. In the process of operation it is possible to enlarge quantity of measuring channels, add new controlled technological parameters (temperature, current, pressure, flow rate, etc.).

Modules of the system can have explosion proof execution, version ExnA [ia] IIB T4.

Operating temperature: from -40° to +85°C.

Storage temperature: from -60° to +125°C.

SADKO system block diagram

Modules of analogue input transform sensors output signals into digital values and transmit the digital code to control PC.

Discrete input/output modules execute analogue-digital transformation of commands from controllers or control PC and manipulate executive mechanisms of control mechanisms, sound and light alarm systems through intermediate relays.

Vibration controllers.

Controllers of signals on the basis of industrial single board computers provide measurement, storage of signals from sensors, data processing and transfer to control computer.

Controllers also produce control signals when parameters values exceed preset emergency limits, even in case of absence of communication or failure of the control PC.


Control PC (supervisory computer) with installed "SADKO" software receives data from controllers and values of technological parameters.

Diagnostics is executed according to technique developed and implemented by ZAO "PromServis" on the basis of spectral analysis of vibroacoustic noises. Complexes of correlated parameters, based on frequency and phase spectra of signals and values of technological parameters are used as diagnostic criteria.

Correlation analysis is used for best accuracy.

List of diagnosable faults:

  1. Standard states (deviations of controlled parameters and characteristics from the preset values);
  2. Rotating mass imbalance;
  3. Imbalance or misalignment of shafts;
  4. Sleeve bearings defects (8 types);
  5. Rolling bearings defects(14 types);
  6. Defects of toothed gearings (3 types);
  7. Defects and imbalance of couplings;
  8. Lack of a bearing support stiffness;
  9. Machines looseness on basements;
  10. Defects of electromagnetic system in electric machines (9 types), etc;
  11. Defects of rotor wheels (4 types);
  12. Belt drive defects (3 types).

In addition to this tested set of failures the system gives an opportunity to create customized rules for automatic detection of defects and their severity, as well as a possibility to set new diagnostic parameters. So, the customer can develop his own technology of diagnostics. Diagnostic tools are provided by the "DIAES" software.

Reliability of the system

Average lifetime: not less than 10 years.

The system ensures continuous round-the-clock operation during service life.

Hardware components of the system are recovered and replaceable objects.

Systems availability ratio – 0,99 (TU 4252-014-12560879-2008).


"SADKO" system has Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring InstrumentsNo. 32383.

Application of SADKO system in hazardous production facilities is authorized by Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (License No. PPC 00-34825 of 06.07.2009).

Certificate of conformity to implosion protection norms No. ROSS RU.GB05.BO3326.

Quality management system of ZAO "PromServis" with regard to design, development, production and service of the instrumental products, systems of diagnostics and automatization is certified in accordance with GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (certificate K No. 02492).

"SADKO" program has the certificate on software official registration.

Diagnostic means of "SADKO" system are verified by RAO UES of Russia.

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