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Electronic temperature controllers PRAMER-710 with weather compensation

Operation guide 

Fig.1 Pramer-710

Temperature controllers PRAMER-710 with weather compensation are intended for considerable energy saving. They regulate hot-water supply and heating rate according to the specified temperature chart taking into account weather conditions.

Application: As a unit with automatic devices (temperature sensors, control valve, circulation pump) the controllers execute automatic management of heat supply in living spaces, working areas and facilities in order to provide comfortable conditions and economic consumption of thermal energy.

Advantages of PRAMER-710:


PRAMER-710 controllers display at liquid crystal indicator and store in archive files the following information:

Intervals of data storing are set from the keyboard – 30 minutes or 1 hour. In case of power supply switch off, rate of internal clocks and archive data remain saved during minimum 48 hours. 

Fig.2 Pramer-710 mounted in plastic case

Controller PRAMER-710 is adapted for operation as a part of dispatching and control systems. For example, in energy consumption dispatching system "SADKO-Heat", produced by ZAO "PromServis".

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature: from -5 to +50 °C;

Relative humidity: up to 80% at temperature +35°C and less, without condensation;

Atmospheric pressure: 84...106,7 kPa.

Technical Characteristics

Number of controlled heating-, hot-water supply-, ventilation systems 1
Number of channels for connection of temperature sensors 4
Temperature of controlled media:  
- water in heating systems and hot-water supply systems 0 °C … +150°C
- air (outside and indoors) -50°C … +50°C
Accuracy of controlled media’s temperature measurement ±0,5%
Deviation of the temperature, displayed on LCD of controller, from the calculated value not more than ±1,3 C
Number of executive device control channels (AC current load not more than 4 A, voltage max 250 V, frequency (501) Hz) 2
Number of alarm control channels (AC current load not more than 4 A, voltage max 250 V, frequency (501) Hz) 1
Number of discrete outputs for connection of discrete sensors with “dry contact” output 1
Number of discrete galvanically isolated outputs (optical transistor, switched voltage not more than 70 V, power of load 55 mW) 1
Power supply 187…242 V AC, (50 1) Hz
Power consumption not more than 2 W
Weight max 1 kg
Average interrepair interval, hours not less than 50000
Average life time, years not less than 10

Environment tolerance, according to GOST R 52931: execution group B4.

Resistance to atmospheric pressure influence, according to GOST R 52931: execution group Р1.

Resistance to mechanical impacts, according to GOST R 52931: execution group L1.

Dust and moisture protection degree: IP 20.

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