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Automated unit for data registration and transmission BARS-02

Automated unit for data registration and transmission BARS-02

Designation: The unit is intended for reception and transmission of control information and archival data from connected metering devices, as well as information about signals from sensors of security and fire alarm system, to 2 control stations through channels of GSM 900/1800 communication in GPRS mode.

Application: energy dispatching and control systems (for example, SADKO-Heat). The device enables remote data acquisition from connected metering devices with minimal costs.

Special functions of the updated modification:

Technical Characteristics


Standard for cellular communication GSM 900/1800
Applied cellular communication services GPRS, SMS
Quantity of channel for communication with control stations 2
Metering and control devices, connected to BARS-02 (*): Heat meter ТВ-7 (JSC "Termotronic");
Heat calculator SA-94/2 (OOO "TARIS LTD");
Heat calculators ВКТ-4М, ВКТ-5, ВКТ-7 (JSC "Teplocom");
Heat calculators СПТ-941, СПТ-941 V10, СПТ-943, СПТ 961 (JSC "Logika");
Heat calculators ТСР-032, ТСРВ-034, ТСРВ-033, ТСР-010, ТСРВ-24М, ТСРВ-26, ТСРВ-26М, ТСРВ-022, ТСР-023 (JSC "Vzljot");
Heat calculators ТЭМ-104, ТЭМ-106 ("Tem-Pribor");
Heat calculators ЭЛЬФ, КАРАТ-М, ЭЛЬФ Modbus («UralTehnologia»);
Heat calculators ВТД, ВТД-В3 V10 (NPF "Dinfo");
Heat calculator ВТМ-5 (Saranskpribor);
Heat calculator ТМК-Н13 (OOO "Prompribor");
Heat calculators Multical 601, Multical 02 («Kamstrup»);
Heat calculator ВТЭ -1П 14 (JSC «Teplovodomer»);
Heat calculator СТУ-1 (JSC «TESS Engineering»);
Heat calculators ЭСКО МТР-06, ЭСКО-Т (ZAO "Energy service company");
Heat calculators КМ 5 (all modifications) (ZAO «TBN EnergyService»);
Heat calculators СКМ-2 (OOO "VOGEZENERGO, Belorussia);
Vortex gas flow meter – ВРСГ 1 (ООО «NPP Irvis»);
Gas meter СПГ-761 (JSC "Logika");
Temperature controller PRAMER-710, v.2.1 (ZAO "PromServis");
Controller ТЭКОН-19 (OOO «KREIT»);
Flow transducer PRAMER-550 (ZAO "PromServis");
Flow meter PRAMER 52-ХХ (ZAO "PromServis");
Flow meter АС-001;
Electricity supply meter Mercury-230 ART ("Incoteks");
Electricity supply meter Mercury-203.2 ROB (" Incoteks");
Electricity supply meter СЕ 301(Energomera);
Electricity supply meter ПСЧ.3А (TK "Metriya");
Concentrator СПЕ542 (JSC "Logika");
Pulse counter Pulsar.
Interface for connection with metering devices  RS-232 and/or RS-485

Supply voltage

  • single-phase AC mains :
  • DC source:


(220±20) V, (50±2,5) Hz;

(12±1,8) V

Power consumption not more than 10 W
Weight of the unit max 1 kg
Mean time to failure not less than 10 000 hours
Average life time not less than 10 years
Warranty period 12 months

* It is possible to connect other control and metering devices.

Discrete sensors

Connection of discrete sensors and secondary equipment is provided by means of connecting cables and appropriate terminal blocks. Fire alarm sensors, flooding sensors and others can be used as discrete sensors.
The unit is able to send alarm SMS-messages to the preset phone numbers.

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