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Automated System for Energy Dispatching and Remote Management “SADKO-HEAT”

Efficient operation and maintenance of systems of water and energy consumption is not possible without modern means of process scheduling and control.

hardware- software complex “Sadko”

Water and energy consumption dispatching system "SADKO-HEAT" was designed on the basis of hardware- software complex "Sadko" (Pattern Approval Certificate for Measuring Instruments No. 32383).

It is a hardware-software system, intended for automated acquisition and processing of data from accounting devices (flow meters, heat meters, electric meters, gas meters) and management of temperature controllers.

1. Description of the system


hardware- software complex “Sadko”

Software of the system is compatible practically with all popular models of heat meters and can be easily adapted to operation conditions in any region.


The system represents the multi-level distributed information-measuring system. Example of structure organization is shown on the diagram (Fig.1). 

Example of structure organization is shown on the diagram
Fig.1: Communal accounting of energy resources consumption

Today the main methods of data transfer are wireless technologies on the basis of cellular communication in the mode of packet data transmission (GSM-GPRS) and wired Ethernet channels.

Main features of "SADKO-HEAT" systems:

2. Hardware

1. One of main elements of the system is Automated unit for data registration and transmission BARS-02 (ZAO "PromServis"). The units are intended for receipt and transmission of control information and archival data from connected metering devices, as well as information about triggering of discrete sensors, to control station by means of:

It is possible to connect heat calculators, electric meters, temperature controllers, multiplexers through digital interface RS-485. Quantity of discrete inputs - 2 (connection of emergency alarm sensors).


Special features:

2. Electronic temperature controllers PRAMER-710 with weather compensation (ZAO "PromServis") regulate hot-water supply and heating rate according to the specified temperature chart taking into account weather conditions.


The controllers execute automatic management of heat supply in living spaces, working areas and facilities in order to provide comfortable conditions and economic consumption of thermal energy.

3. Flow meters: PRAMER-52XX (ZAO "PromServis") or others.

4. Heat calculator: ВКТ-4М, ВКТ-7, ВКТ-5, ВКТ-9, СПТ-941-01, СПТ-941 V1О, СПТ-943, ЭЛЬФ, ЭЛЬФ Modbus, КАРАТ-М, ВТД, ВТД-В V10, ТСР-023, ТСРВ-034, ВТМ-5, ТМК-Н13, ТЭМ-104, ТЭМ-106, АС-001, Multical 601, ЭСКО МТР-06, КМ5, ТВ7.

5. Electric meters: Меркурий-230, Меркурий 203.2 ROB, CE 301.

6. Multiplexers: СПЕ 542.

7. Pulse counters: Пульсар.The listed devices are already connected to the system. It is possible to connect other models of instruments also, after preliminary adjustment of settings.

Content of hardware of the system, characteristics and quantities of devices depend on a project technical specification and are discussed with every Customer.

3. Software

"SADKO-HEAT" software is compatible with metering and accounting devices produced by different manufacturers.

Our specialists designed user-friendly interface, convenient both for administrators and users.

user-friendly interface

Automated workplace (Control station): the Automated Workplaces are personal computers that don't require high performance. Users get terminal access to resources of data collection server through LAN or Internet connection. 

Automated workplace (Control station)

Standard tools of the operating system are used for the organization of terminal access – this ensures excellent compatibility. A dispatcher can control water and energy consumption at separate objects and groups of objects up to a city as a whole; regulate a room temperature rate inside (weather regulation); get immediate information from security and fire alarm systems; receive various types of reports about resources consumption, etc.

All information is registered and represented in the Event Log (Fig. 2) and saved in the archive with 5 years memory capacity.

Window of the Event Log
Fig.2 Window of the Event Log

The application is permanently upgraded and updated by specialists of ZAO "PromServis".

We are always ready to create a modification of hardware-software system "SADKO-Heat" that will meet requirements of your specific project.

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