Виды деятельности

Advanced development

SubjectStageDate of term
1 Development of gas flow meter PRAMER-210 Tests. Certification 20.02.2016
2 Development of new generation of automatic water and heat metering and dispatching system "SADKO" (version 4.x) Release of 4.x version 20.10.2015
3 Development of sandwich construction electromagnetic flow transducer, DN=50 mm and DN=32 mm R&D, engineering design, acceptance tests of samples 01.02.2016
4 Development of heat meter PRAMER-900 (4Q4T4P) Engineering design, acceptance tests of samples 01.02.2016
5 Development of vortex electromagnetic flow transducer VEPS-P with extended flow measuring rate (not less than 50) Acceptance tests. Certification 30.09.2015
6 Development of automated system of identification and tracing of devices during production, storage and delivery at ZAO "PromServis" Production of software for automated calibration and verification of VEPS-P 10.10.2015
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