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Field balancing of rotors

Field balancing of rotors

Upon a customer's request stationary systems "SADKO" can be equipped with module for field balancing of rotors.Balancing is a process of counterpoising of rotating parts of different mechanisms, such as rotors of electric motors, turbines, etc.

Rotation axis is the axis passing through centers of bearing surface of bushings. Mismatch of rotation axis with central inertia axis can be result of errors in production process or design features of machines that lead to appearance of non-compensated centrifugal forces and moments causing fast wear of bearing and increased vibrations.

Task of balancing is to find (calculate) an equilibrating load that will compensate vibration caused with imbalance. Process of balancing includes determination of values and angles of imbalance, as well as calculation of influence coefficients.

When the influence coefficient for a machine is found, the balancing program calculates characteristics of a load which should be added to compensate vibration. Installation of trial load is not required in this case.

Advantages of the field balancing approach:

  1. High degree of signals filtering at rotational frequency;
  2. Possibility of operation with short length;
  3. Automatic tracking of rotational frequency in case of unstable revolution instability.
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